Os Bebês do Fantasma

Wednesday, August 25, 2010 by: PBC

It is the story about the Phantom twins birth…

Title:               Os Bebês do Fantasma
Date:               1979-06
Download:       Especial-Os_Bebes_do_Fantasma.cbrEspecial-Os_Bebes_do_Fantasma.cbr
Language:        Portugues do Brazil
Scan:                Marcio Adriano

About the story:
Script:                Lee Falk
Art:                    Seymour (Sy) Barry
Title:                  Baby (The Heirs)
Kind:                 Daily Strips
Story #:             140 *
Start date:         1978-12-18
End date:           1979-05-18
Span:                 22 weeks
Last Frew:         1312

Note: The Phantom color is red like in France.

This comics is provided by Emile with all above mentioned details. All credits go to her & "Marcio Adriano".

P.S.:  I liked its slightly different size of panels and coloring from Indrajal Comics.Comics (Portuguese), Phantom

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