O Casamento Do Fantasma

Sunday, August 22, 2010 by: PBC

It's a Brazilian version (1978) which contains the following 3 stories (script by  Stan Lee & art by Seymour (Sy) Barry):

1.The Proposal
2.The Tyrant of Tarakimo
3.The Wedding of the Phantom

Stories informations:
  • The Proposal
Story number:133
Title:The Proposal
Start date:1977-02-21
End date:1977-03-31
Span:6 weeks

Remarks: The last strip is missing (1977-04-01).

  • The Tyrant of Tarakimo
Story number:135
Title:The Tyrant of Tarakimo
Start date:1977-08-15
End date:1977-10-29
Span:11 weeks

  • The Wedding of the Phantom
Story number:136
Title:The Wedding of the Phantom
Start date:1977-10-31
End date:1978-02-04
Span:14 weeks

Remarks: The story stops on the 1977-12-24. It will be resumed in the next printed issue.

Note: The Phantom color is red like in France.
Download:   Especial-QA-O_Casamento_do_Fantasma.cbr   32,3 Mb - 100 scans

This comics is provided by Emile with all above mentioned details. All credits go to her & Unknown scanner".

P.S.:  I liked its slightly different size of panels and colouring from Indrajal Comics.

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