Sunday, August 13, 2017 by Venkitachalam Subramanian
Emile has provided us with a much better version of this story which is available on the Net in another name "Worshippers of the Shark God". The first panel looks like this:

Download from Emile's original link here and shower your thanks on him.

Data details supplied by Emile relating to this story :
Name: D075 - The
Size:   20.1MB

More data:
Name: The Plaque
Kind:   Daily Strips
#:       75
Start:  1950-11-13 (3511)
End:    1951-01-23 (3572)
Run:    62 days
Script: Dick Van Buren
Art:     Bob Lubbers

Last reprint:
Start: 2017-05-29 (3511)
End:   2017-08-08 (3572)

Yes, this story have already been reprinted years ago (in 2000).


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