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Hi! It's Frew reading time. This special issue contains followings story:

1.     S075 - Walker's Table (1-5-69 to 4-20-69)
2.     S030 - Tale of the Devil (11-11-51 to 3-23-52)
3.     S033 - Diana and the Bank Robbers (10-19-52 to 2-1-53)

I think, first 3 (classical) stories are available with everyone. If you need can pick: Here & add.

It was scanned by a "Hungarian fan" long long ago, received from a friend. Sharing after editing myself only. 

All thanks & credits go to original scanning person.  
As requested, avoiding giving name.
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The link & all informations are provided by Emile. Enjoy!

Title:    Guest in the House
Story:    261
Start:    2011-02-28
End:    2011-09-03
Span:    27 weeks
Strips:    162 Daily Strips
Width:    1,000 pixels
File:    Graphic Interchange Format (GIF)

Story synopsis:
    The morning in the city, Johnny Root goes out to take its car and… the car explodes. Then a long shot goes near Johnny. All that, plus a poisonned coffe…  Is Red Decker (the mob chief) behind the bonb ? The reality is that Johnny Root must testify against Red Decker. The Chief ask Mandrake to come to the Police station. Johnny Root want Mandrake’s Xanadu as a safety place until Red Decker’s trial. Mandrake says “Yes!” At Xanadu, a plane is heard, an alligator is in the Pool, a snake…

Characters in this story:
Mandrake    The magician himself
Narda        Mandrake wife
Lothar        Mandrake best friend
Brady        Police Chief
Hojo        Cook chief at Xanadu and... Inter-Intel chief
Johnny Root    Mob and witness
Red Decker    Mob chief

by PBC

Jason Momoa

As "Khal Drogo" in "Game of thrones"
Conan the Barbarian is back on big screens, however this time not featuring Arnold Schwarzeneger, but Joseph Jason Namakaeha Momoa  (born August 1, 1979), a Hawaiian actor. In 2010, he appeared in the Emmy-nominated HBO series "Game of Thrones" (2011) playing the Dothraki King, "Khal Drogo". First time, I saw him in this serial. Recommending watching this serial who missed it.
Mainly due to Jason Mamoa, planning to watch this film.

While checking my e-collection found these 4 strips of Conan. All credits go to original scanning person(s). Enjoy!

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More I'm reading strips, more liking strips than comics version.

Today sharing all Batman strips available with me.

The Superhero "Batman" is created by the artist Bob Kane and writer Bill Finger & first appeared  in Detective Comics #27 (May 1939).  Read more details here:

However, the Batman comic strip first appeared in newspapers in 1943 only.

Summary of strips publication history:

  • Batman and Robin (Oct 25, 1943 - Nov 2, 1946); daily and Sunday : By Bob Kane
  • Batman and Robin (1953) Sunday only: By Walter Gibson & edited by Gibson.
  • Batman and Robin, 1966 - 1974: By Bob Kane (actually ghosted)
  • The World's Greatest Superheroes (1978 - 1986)
  • Batman (from 6 NOV 1989 - 3 AUG 1991); Sunday and daily : The first story was written by Max Allan Collins and drawn by Marshall Rogers. All of the other stories were written by William Messner Loebs and drawn by Carmine Infantino and John Nyberg.

The Dailies

Batman-The Dailies (1943) (Very 1st the Daily strips)

Batman and Robin -The Dailies (Misc)

Batman and Robin -The Dailies (1966)

Batman and Robin -The Dailies (1967)

Batman and Robin -The Dailies (1968)

Batman and Robin -The Dailies (1971)

Batman and Robin -The Dailies (1972)

Marshall Rodgers' Batman Newspaper Strips


The Sundays

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It's 6th story in the "Phantom Year One" series 1st published in Fantomen #22/2004 by Egmont, Scandinavia.

Script: Claes Reimerthi
Art: Kari Leppänen

Scanned & edited by Laki.

Can anyone scan Frew #1406, 1564 & 1565?
Saturday, August 06, 2011 by PBC

Here is the latest Phantom's Daily #232.

Start Date: May 9, 2011
End Date:  August 13, 2011
Duration: 14 weeks
Writer: Tony De Paul
Artist: Paul Ryan

Download (as usual adding in 100th post)

It's shared by Kit Walker with us.
Friday, August 05, 2011 by PBC
It's 3rd story in the "Phantom Year One" series from Egmont, "The Courier", which printed as Frew #1392 and Fantomen 19/2004. 

Script: Claes Reimerthi
Art: Alex Saviuk. 

The new 21st Phantom fly to Bermuda to help out Diana, who has found herself accused of smuggling money out of the country.

 Inspite of one historical translation error ("Sinatra records" as "Sinatra CDs") by Frew in page 24,  the story is lovely.


Scanned & edited by Laki.
Thursday, August 04, 2011 by PBC

Writer: Claes Reimerthi
Artist: Joan Boix


Scanned & edited by Kit Walker. All credits go to him.
Tuesday, August 02, 2011 by PBC

Writer: Claes Reimerthi
Artist: Hans Lindahl


Scanned & edited by Kit Walker. All credits go to him.
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