D261 (Mandrake): Guest in the House (2011-02-28 to 2011-09-03)

Thursday, August 25, 2011 by: PBC

The link & all informations are provided by Emile. Enjoy!

Title:    Guest in the House
Story:    261
Start:    2011-02-28
End:    2011-09-03
Span:    27 weeks
Strips:    162 Daily Strips
Width:    1,000 pixels
File:    Graphic Interchange Format (GIF)

Story synopsis:
    The morning in the city, Johnny Root goes out to take its car and… the car explodes. Then a long shot goes near Johnny. All that, plus a poisonned coffe…  Is Red Decker (the mob chief) behind the bonb ? The reality is that Johnny Root must testify against Red Decker. The Chief ask Mandrake to come to the Police station. Johnny Root want Mandrake’s Xanadu as a safety place until Red Decker’s trial. Mandrake says “Yes!” At Xanadu, a plane is heard, an alligator is in the Pool, a snake…

Characters in this story:
Mandrake    The magician himself
Narda        Mandrake wife
Lothar        Mandrake best friend
Brady        Police Chief
Hojo        Cook chief at Xanadu and... Inter-Intel chief
Johnny Root    Mob and witness
Red Decker    Mob chief


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