Monday, July 09, 2018

#826 - The latest Tarzan Daily strip (reprint)

Emile has provided us with the strips for the latest Tarzan Daily strip "The Pirates", that concluded yesterday. The first panel looks like this:

Download the story from the original link here and shower your thanks on him.

Emile also has the following additional info for Tarzan enthusiasts:
You can get a list of daily strips stories at:

Why this list is… complex ?

There is a first story (Tarzan of the Apes), followed by a serie of stories numbered from A (The Return of Tarzan) to Z (Tarzan and the Fires of Tohr) and, then a matrix number is used - since 1 (1939-08-28) to 10308 (or RM308, 1972-07-29 that is the end of the original run).
These are followed by reprints from Burne Hogarth (194è-09-01/2509, Tarzan at the Earth's Core…); and these reprints were reprinted recently (yes, the same stories !).

And the list (link above) is incomplete. As an example, for today’s shared story, you have there:
3801-3858 (? -22 Dec. 1951):  Bob Lubbers/Dick Van Buren, Tarzan and the Pirates (58 days)

My own entry is:
D080 - Tarzan and the Pirates - 2018-05-05 (3801) To 2018-07-07 (3858) - 58 Strips

So the full entry is:
Daily Strip #:    080 (80th story starting with the original one, in 1928).
Title:    Tarzan and the Pirates
Date Start:    1951-10-17    (3801)    Reprint: 2018-05-05
Date End:    1951-12-22    (3858)    Reprint: 2018-07-07
Length:    55 Strips

Each daily strip have a matrix number (since 1939-08-28: 0001)

Nota: the situation is far different for the  Sunday Strips. You can make your mind in reading  list of stories there:




Tuesday, July 03, 2018

#825: Golden Chance: Get your Portraits from legendary Husain Zamin!

Do you wish that your drawing room wall is full of beautiful memories of you and your loved ones drawn by a legend, who got Life Time Achievement Award (Cartoon Watch) from hands of former president Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam?

Why not get your unique portrait drawn by hand instead of those regular run of the mill photographs.

Now is your chance to get your portraits painted from an Artist who has worked nonstop since 1976 drawing cartoons and portraits.

He started his artworks of film parodies published in Filmfare in 1976. With his portfolio of work like Shaktimaan and Kalamdas and ever popular Bablu and movie artists. He has drawn for comics like Manoj Comics, Madhu Muskan (Weekly Magazine), Madhu Muskan Comics, Trishul Comics, Indrajal Comics, Diwaana, Gaurav Gatha, Cartoon Watch, Tinkle, Champak, Saras Salil, Suman Saurabh, Chitralekha, Filmi Kaliyan, Manohar Kaliyan, Nanhe Samrat, SatyaKatha, Rangbhumi, Lotpot, Madhuri, Manohar Kaliyan, Kahkashan, Star comics, Target, Comics Theory - Ghosts of India - Horror Comics Anthology and many leading educational books.

Go ahead.... and order the masterpiece which is only one in the whole world drawn by none other than the legendary Husain Zamin.

Can place order Here:

Monday, May 28, 2018

#824 - MMC 43 - Kalamdas Ki 5 Sarvshresth Hasy Chitrkathayen

Note: MMC #55 - Manglu Mdaari Bandar Bihari is now available with front cover.

Enjoy another rare MMC in vintage look!

Publication: मधु मुस्कान कॉमिक्स 
Serial No.: #43
Comics Title: कलमदास की सर्वश्रेष्ठ पांच हास्यकथाएं
Year: 29 Oct - 04 Nov 1984
Character/Series: कलमदास
Artist: हुसैन ज़ामिन

Scanned by: Gaurav The Devil .
Missing cover: Sagar Rana
Edited by: PBC

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

#823 - Latest Tarzan Daily strip reprint

Emile has provided us with the link to the latest Tarzan daily strip reprint that just concluded. It is D079 - Tarzan and the Hunter - 2018-03-03 (3750) to 2018-05-03 (3803). The first panel looks like this:

Here is Emile's original link. Download the story from that link and shower your thanks on him.



Saturday, May 05, 2018

#822: Gowarsons Comics - Bhayanak Khatara

Comics: गोवरसन्स कॉमिक्स 
Serial No.: 4 (??)
Comics Title: भयानक खतरा 
Year: 1983
Language: हिंदी 
It's coloured reprint of Commando War Stories in Pictures
Original number & title: #1633 Drive Into Danger (Late Dec 1982)

Scanned by: Gaurav The Devil .
Edited by: PBC

Tuesday, April 03, 2018

#821: Gowarsons Comics - Khatarnaak Abhiyaan

Comics: गोवरसन्स कॉमिक्स 
Serial No.: NA 
Comics Title: खतरनाक अभियान 
Year: 1983
Language: हिंदी 
It's coloured reprint of Commando War Stories in Pictures
Original number & title: #
1577 Man Overboard! (Late January 1982) (reprinted as #2891 - Early October 1995)
Scanned by: Gaurav The Devil .
Edited by: PBC