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Many wish to read best works of  William Shakespeare, thanks to "gutenberg" we can.

30 Most Popular Works by William Shakespeare
Click at every title, and choose format. That's all. 

1. Romeo and JulietLinkBookEnglish
2. HamletLinkBookEnglish
3. MacbethLinkBookEnglish
4. The TempestLinkBookEnglish
5. OthelloLinkBookEnglish
6. King LearLinkBookEnglish
7. Julius CaesarLinkBookEnglish
8. A Midsummer Night’s DreamLinkBookEnglish
9. The Merchant of VeniceLinkBookEnglish
10. Twelfth Night; or What You WillLinkBookEnglish
11. King Richard IIILinkBookEnglish
12. Venus and AdonisLinkBookEnglish
13. The Taming of the ShrewLinkBookEnglish
14. As You Like ItLinkBookEnglish
15. Henry VLinkBookEnglish
16. Twelfth NightLinkBookEnglish
17. Much Ado about NothingLinkBookEnglish
18. CoriolanusLinkBookEnglish
19. Measure for MeasureLinkBookEnglish
20. King Henry IV Part 1LinkBookEnglish
21. Titus AndronicusLinkBookEnglish
22. Antony and CleopatraLinkBookEnglish
23. The Comedy of ErrorsLinkBookEnglish
24. Troilus and CressidaLinkBookEnglish
25. The Winter’s TaleLinkBookEnglish
26. The Rape of LucreceLinkBookEnglish
27. King Henry IV, Part 2LinkBookEnglish
28. Timon of AthensLinkBookEnglish
29. A Lover’s ComplaintLinkBookEnglish
30. Henry VI, Part 3LinkBookEnglish
by PBC

Publication: मधु मुस्कान कॉमिक्स 
Serial No.: 47
Comics Title: चंद्रू के रोचक कारनामे 
Character/Series: चंद्रू 
Story and Artwork: सुखवंत 
Colouring: अरुण भनोट 
Year: don't remember exact year, but between 1982 to 1984
Edited by: PBC
Scanned by: Gaurav The Devil 
All credits go to him.

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Publication: मधु मुस्कान कॉमिक्स 
Serial No.: NA 
Comics Title: जाका 
Character/Series: जाका 
Story and Artwork: Murli Sundaram
Translated by: Ashok Kumar Upadhyay
Colouring and Calligraphy : Harish M. Sudan

Edited by: PBC
Scanned by: Gaurav The Devil 
All credits go to him.

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Password: pbcupload
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Update (11 Dec 2017): MiSD had fixed the damaged cover of Smita and re-edied it. Pls download again. 
Writer Leonard Starr and Artist Stan Drake teamed up in 1980 to create Kelly Green targeting  an adult audience and featured nudity and violence, the likes of which would have horrified most of the western comics readers of that time.

In 80s, it was difficult to digest Axa in India, and Madhu Muskan Comics advertized as character with  Indian cultural touch 🤐

Hindi version has disappointed with poor translation, forcefully giving Indian names ...

Kelly Green as Smita... and so on. Why? Were the team members big fans of a south Indian adult film star "Sxxx Smita" of that time?

In fact, these are  one of the best-looking crime comics ever produced.  

Till 2015, only 4 were released in Eng and 3 in Hindi (vol 2 to 4) till today.

Classic Comics Press has released Kelly Green: The Complete Collection

(272 pages; 8 1/2 x 11 Hardcover; black and white with 16 page color section)
It has vol. 1 to 4 and one more - never before published in English,
Volume 5 - The Comic-Con Heist.

Volume 1 - "The Go-Between!"
Volume 1 - "The Go-Between!"
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Volume 2 - "One, Two, Three... Die!"
Volume 2 - "One, Two, Three... Die!"
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MMC - Smita aur Rahasmay Hatyara     Read Offline

Volume 3 - "The Million Dollar Hit!"

Volume 3 - "The Million Dollar Hit!"
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Volume 4 - "The Blood Tapes!"
Volume 4 - "The Blood Tapes!"
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Smita aur Rahasmay Hatyara
Hindi version is scanned by "Gaurav the Devil" and  edited by me.
Very nice cover re-making by MiSD and re-editing.

For eng scans, very thankful to original uploader.

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Enjoy new HR version of one of my favorite MMC !

Publication: मधु मुस्कान कॉमिक्स 
Serial No.: NA 
Comics Title: पोपट चौपट का पंचरंगा अचार 
Character/Series: पोपट चौपट 
Story and Artwork: Jagdish
Colouring and Calligraphy : Harish M. Sudan
Year: NA  (1982-84 -exact year don't remember)
Edited by: PBC
Scanned by: Gaurav The Devil 
All credits go to him.

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🎇Never thought I'll stay here for 10 years.
🎇Never thought I'll give  shoulder in some rare stuffs in such quantity.
🎇But, I always wished to see completed. Where it was never important for me. But something happened here, later at
🎇Again 3 rare series are flowing... some amazing projects are going on... and I wished to return in this mode in 2019-2020 only.

Came at net to collect some comics and books I love. Later to help persons who were missed such stuffs like me, I started blogging.
My motto was very simple: If not available, I'll do such way ...many shan't miss ...
In this journey met with many people (names are given in every post) ... lot of memories.
Thanks for your love and support! Our journey from "I" to"We" is the main driving force behind such longevity.
Life forced me to become passive from blogging for some years, Venkitachalam Subramanian was single handedly doing all job with selfless effort by Emile.

Another member "IUnKnown" is busy fulfilling his real world's responsibilities. But, the game is not over....

One more friend "Rajesh" has joined us. Amazing passion for comics. He is not only helping from front in out of print Hindi Indrajal Comics  at , but you'll enjoy his stuffs here and other friends blog too. Some mind blowing projects you are going to read soon.

What is common between these 5 (in fact, many more)?
We are living in different continents at different places and never met - one and only point - Love for books and comics.
We love some certain classical series, characters and some out of print books and comics.
We are just trying to fill gaps ...without any direct and indirect rewards ...
For me, all shared in this blog are out of print as where I live - as can't find in English or Hindi. 

Today I was not feeling fine, but when opened mail ...find a novel scanned especially for this day by Anand 😍...couldn't resist myself making this post.  He wrote:
आपकी ब्लॉगिंग के 10 वर्ष सम्पूर्ण करने पर शुभकामनाओं सहित।नीचे दी गयी लिंक में प्राप्त करें महान लेखक गुलशन नन्दा कृत सामाजिक / रोमांटिक उपन्यास 'सितारों से आगे'।
आनन्द कुमार [akfunworld]

Do you know? Gulshan Nanda was a very popular Indian novelist and screenwriter. Many of his novels were adapted into Hindi films in the 1960s and 1970s.
Dominating not just the Hindi fiction scene but also the cine world with film scripts like “Kaajal”, “Khilona”, “Kati Patang” and “Mehbooba”, Nanda was a stalwart whose creations were eagerly awaited by readers and viewers alike. So huge was his craze in the post 1960 era.
This book was printed in 1970 as his 31st Novel.

For Offline Reading: Option 1 or Option 2

He is going surprize with ....
I won't say ....he'll tell himself.


Now turn for another rare Gem: Since Asterix were started printing in Hindi, our attentions turned towards "Madhu Muskan" Group from Indrajal comics and Amar Chitra Katha like comics.
They launched 3 Comics more:
1. Gowarsons Comics, 
2. Madhu Muskan Comics
3. Trishul Comics
It was short series.
Trishul comics details  
1 Munna Pehelwaan Kay Karnaamay
2 Babloo Aur Agni Baan
3 Teetu Aur Cricket Ka Bukhaar
4 Khooni Pujaari
5 Bharat Kumaar Aur Paagal Laamaa
6 Babloo Aur Dost Dushman
7 Hatyara Robot
8 Vichitra Grah
Edited by: PBC
Scanned by: Gaurav The Devil - All credits go to him.
Serial No.: 29
Year: NA 
Edited by: me (PBC)
Scanned by: Gaurav The Devil

Gaurav has amazing knowledge about some rare series of India. Noticing my keen interest in 3 above mentioned series, in spite of  very tight schedules,  he has shared with me many scans.  I'm doing basic editing only as we both like vintage look more. 

First Time Taar in English 

I was able to read 2 Taar in Gowarsons Comics in Hindi only. Since 1982, was looking for rest albums, in English or Hindi. Stars were not matching earlier only.

This time fortunately asked the person who has similar interest in Taar.Provided German 10 albums, with enthusiasm Gaurav with  his family are doing this scanlation, just for some of us.  
If you wish, we can share all 10 albums with you too. 😁

Read  "Taar - The Rebel" online in English.
Waiting for your suggestions and recommendations which may help to improve.....

All credits go to Anand and Gaurav (& family).

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