Frew 1030 - Secret of the Arctic (only)

Saturday, August 27, 2011 by: PBC

Hi! It's Frew reading time. This special issue contains followings story:

1.     S075 - Walker's Table (1-5-69 to 4-20-69)
2.     S030 - Tale of the Devil (11-11-51 to 3-23-52)
3.     S033 - Diana and the Bank Robbers (10-19-52 to 2-1-53)

I think, first 3 (classical) stories are available with everyone. If you need can pick: Here & add.

It was scanned by a "Hungarian fan" long long ago, received from a friend. Sharing after editing myself only. 

All thanks & credits go to original scanning person.  
As requested, avoiding giving name.

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