D2-032 Solar Mirror (23-Jun-1958 to 26-Jul-1958)

Saturday, August 28, 2010 by: PBC

Writer: Harvey Kurtzman
Art: Dan Barry
Summary:  Checking in at Continental Spaceport after his adventure on Pluto (see D2031 The Pluto Spectacular) Flash is informed that a spaceship carrying a killer to the prison satellite orbiting Earth has suddenly been diverted to a nearby colossal solar panel.

With the prisoner appearing on screen asking for a huge ransom not to kill the pilot and turn the solar panel on New York, Flash decides to throw caution to the wind and accompany the unmanned cargo ship to the satellite and its unpredictable inhabitants...
(Source of summary: www.ipcomics.net)

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It's from Emile's e-collection. All credits go to her & "Allen Lane" who scanned and first shared at net.

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