A Lua de Mel do Fantasma

Tuesday, August 24, 2010 by: PBC

Title:              A Lua de Mel do Fantasma
Date:             1978-05
Download:     http://www.mediafire.com/?r15sfev15qu   36,6MB
Language:       Portugues do Brazil
Scanned by:    Name or nick not available

About the story #1: Story #1 starts when the wedding is over (they skip nearly 2 months).
Script:             Lee Falk
Art:                Seymour (Sy) Barry
Title:               The Wedding of the Phantom
Kind:              Daily Strips
Story #:          136 *
Start date:       1977-12-26 [Original start: 1977-10-31]
End date:        1978-02-04
Span:             14 weeks

About the story #2:
Script:            Lee Falk
Art:               Seymour (Sy) Barry
Title:              Guardian of the Eastern Dark
Kind:             Daily Strips
Story #:         134 *
Start date:      1977-04-04
End date:       1977-08-13 [They skip the last strip: 1977-08-13]
Span:             19 weeks

Note: The Phantom color is red like in France.

This comics is provided by Emile with all above mentioned details. All credits go to her & Unknown scanner".

P.S.:  I liked its slightly different size of panels and coloring from Indrajal Comics.

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