Frew #1164 Mission to Antarctica

Tuesday, May 01, 2012 by: PBC

Here one more - 8th Frew in a row. :)

Story: Donne Avenell
Art:     Carlos Cruz
First Print: Fantomet #22 - 1996

Scanned & edited by Laki.


P.S. Till today, only 159 Frew (as comic book) are shared in this blog.
Frew had reprinted several times same stories/strips. All Daily & Sunday strips were also shared. All other series  in English (except Indrajal which are coming at "Indrajal Online") are also available here.
So, we are missing very few stories upto #1000 and less than 1/3 upto #1629 only. In this counting, the posts of this blog are taken only.

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