D2-144 - "Mission to Mongo” (12/15/89 to 2/10/90)

Wednesday, April 06, 2011 by: PBC

Flash Gordon D-2 Series Strip 
Art: Dan Barry 

Summary: Setting course for Mongo on the unlikeliest of missions (see D2-143 The High Ground), Flash has to absorb some friendly fire and hairy moments in his Skorpi ship before he can bring his vessel down.

Trying to get his bearings before he can start his journey towards Ming’s palace, a disorientated Flash is about to reminded about the fact that an unannounced visitor on Mongo is never safe...
(Source of summary: www.ipcomics.net)  

It's from Emile's e-collection. All credits go to her & "Allen Lane" who scanned and first shared at net.

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