D2-143 - "The High Ground” (8/23/89 to 12/14/89)

Monday, April 04, 2011 by: PBC

Flash Gordon D-2 Series Strip 
Art: Dan Barry 

Summary: Preparing to ferry some unwanted visitors back to Mongo (see D2-142 Hari Hari), Flash is instructed by his sponsors at World Space Control to simultaneously transport a crate into space, but refuses to comply on security grounds as no-one is prepared to divulge its contents.
Refusing to go through with the mission, Flash suddenly finds himself smeared on a national television show. Suspecting powerful interests behind the move, Flash starts to unravel a complicated web of deceit to unmask the ruthless brain behind the uncompromising plot...
(Source of summary: www.ipcomics.net)  

It's from Emile's e-collection. All credits go to her & "Allen Lane" who scanned and first shared at net.

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