Flash Gordon Daily Strips - D2-052: Robot Worker (complete) in English & Spanish

Thursday, July 28, 2011 by: PBC

Art: Dan Barry

Summary: Landing at the construction site for Earth’s first power station in space, Flash is immediately made aware of the tense atmosphere caused by the arrival of a robot designed by Dr. Zarkov to speed up the construction of the massive solar panel satellite.

As tension continues to build amongst the human workers fed up with the constant ‘meddling’ from the advanced robot, small ‘accidents' start to happen until the situation reaches breaking point and somebody snaps with serious consequences...
 (Source of summary: www.ipcomics.net)  

Download (English)

Download  (Spanish)

Roldan has scanned & edited the Spanish version (very good quality). As well as he has added page #2 in English version (contributed by Emile & already shared in this blog) by translating & replacing texts from Spanish to English.

All credits go to Roldon, Emile & the original uploader of D-052(Eng).