A Bob Lubbers Sunday Strip page (English); Tarzan and the Blonde Goddess (Dutch) & a Poster of Tarzan by John Celardo.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011 by: PBC

These are from Emile's e-collection.
Emile says:
Hi ,

I get a Bob Lubbers Sunday Strip in colors sometimes ago (a single Sunday) and I forgot to share it. Of course, this is a single strip, but it is very nice, even for me who does not like paintings (paintings like the ones you can see in museums...).
It is in color, very nice, available here:

Name: Tarzan_19500924-1020.jpg
Size: 1017.74MO
URL: http://www.mediafire.com/?4wsrt0pfrtiknmr

In the Tarzan run done by Bob Lubbers, there is a story (a Daily Strip Story) that was not reprint:

Title: Tarzan and the Blonde Goddess
Artwork: Bob Lubbers
Script: Dick Van Buren
Kind: Daily Strips
Issue: 081
Start: 1951-12-24 (#3859)
End: 1952-03-15 (#3930)
Spans: 72 days

This story comes after "Tarzan and the Pirates" and before "Tarzan and the Loggers". It never appears in the list when people shared Bob Lubbers Daily Strips!

Unfortunately, I do not have it in english (nor in French *), but in Dutch. Here’s the download informations:

Name: 7.125_Tarzan_12125_De_blonde_godin.cbr
Size: 10.62MB
URL: http://www.mediafire.com/?4u59tsaza4ozuub

A Poster of Tarzan by John Celardo (6.47 MB).




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