D2-137 - "The Ice Kingdom of Mongo” (Origin Part 3) (8/17/87 to 12/26/87)

Friday, March 11, 2011 by: PBC

Flash Gordon D-2 Series Strip 
Art: Dan Barry 

Summary: Re-living their first adventures on Mongo (see D2-136 Cave World of Mongo), Flash, Dale and Zarkov emerge from a maze of caverns into an arctic pocket in the temperate zone.

Still trying to escape the clutches of Ming the Merciless, the trio embark on yet another long journey to escape their pursuers, but find that potential allies are more interested in turning them in than forming an alliance against their common enemy...
(Source of summary: www.ipcomics.net) 

It's from Emile's e-collection. All credits go to her & "Allen Lane" who scanned and first shared at net.

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