D2-134 - "The Bear” (5/12/86 to 8/21/86)

Tuesday, March 08, 2011 by: PBC

Flash Gordon D-2 Series Strip 
Art: Dan Barry 

Summary: Enjoying a vacation at Dr Zarkov’s Rocky Mountain retreat after their return from the Polar Spaceport (see D2-133 Baldur Battles Skorpi), Flash and Dale fly up to a high peak for some downhill skiing, only to be overcome by an angry bear.

Surviving the skirmish at the price of a broken leg, Flash sends Dale down to the ski resort to summon help. But with darkness setting in and a meteor shower afflicting the area, this is only the beginning of Flash’ troubles...
(Source of summary: www.ipcomics.net) 

It's from Emile's e-collection. All credits go to her & "Allen Lane" who scanned and first shared at net.

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