Captain 3D and Star War - 3D

Friday, September 24, 2010 by: IUnknown

Hello Comic lovers, It gives me great pleasure to present you next comics in the series of 3D comics. This was published by Star Comics Delhi who were pioneers of 3D comics in India. However due to poor stories and high costs this gener of comics soon disappeared. This is one of the prime examples. The title says Captain-3D but you won't find him anywhere in the book. :) . Story also is poor. The 3D illustrations are however good. I hope you like the Comic.
You will need a 3D anaglyph pair of glasses to read this comic. It has red glass on one eye and blue glass on the other. These glasses are available on ebay for as little as Rs 50 or below.


Scanned by : IUnknown
Cleaning of Cover and non 3D pages : Prabhat

I hope you enjoy the comic.

Coming Soon : Tarzan - Rescue at Mount Talamuna 3D

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