Frew 1542 - The Trap (Alternative scans)

Saturday, March 06, 2010 by: PBC

Hello friends,

    Today sharing a comics, breaking my own imposed rule.

Until today,  I had never posted another  scans of the comics in very short period after web presentation which were  scanned by a person who posts independently, but  informed me (us) in advance. So, there was no question about a regular contributor or about a team member.

I really forget about 3 comics received in Nov 2009 (Frew #: 1047, 1538 &1542) for editing & posting from Delboj, so  didn't inform anyone. Ajay, who is not only a contributor, but a member of this blog,  also scanned and Parishi has posted some days ago.

Delboj was confident in my accuracy, never reminded again. Thanks buddy, I'll try my best to not repeat similar mistake with not only with you, but anyone. It was first time in almost 2 & half year my history.
It was my fault, apologized with both, as it could be created  a misunderstanding between both or all of us. Thankful to Ajay & Delboj, both understood from very first word.

And respecting OUR regular contributor's effort, today sharing #1542.  Happy with result after editing. Try!

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All credits go to san2710 & Delboj.

Coming soon:

 and some more...

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