Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Aabid Surti Ji's Comeback With A Bang

Hello friends,

Have a good news, hoping many already aware about it. 

Every Bhahadur (Indrajal), Parag, Dharmyug  reader know Aabid Surti ji - a living legend of comics Industy. Many are buying old out of prints comics, paying hundreds, some times thousands Rs. Here we have another chance to get rare strips. I'm going to buy all, may be you'll also like.
Alok who has made a documentary at Indian comics and going to release in near future after reshooting some episode - has informed many of us this good new.

Why to rewrite if think same way, read this news in Alok's words:

Aabid Surti ji's famous comic strips Doctor Chinchoo Ke Chamatkar which used to get published in Paraag during 1963-65 is getting serialized by National Book Trust as Doctor Chinchoo Ke Kaarnamein. Printed on quality art paper with computerized color correction the book is available wherever NBT books are sold. A wonderful collection for all  comic book lovers.

Also, his famous strip Dabbu ji (one of the longest running comic strips in India) from Dharmyug is also published in a collectors edition album by NBT (I am yet to get my copy of this album) which has almost 100 of Dabbu ji's classic strips.

It will be really great if we can spread the good word around thru our Comic Blogs and Facebook pages about the availability of these unavailable rare strips at a very reasonable price (Books are priced Rs.30-35 each only).

I am attaching some scans from Doctor Chinchoo for your consideration. 

 In case if you have missed my latest interview with him, where he speaks about his new books and reviving Bahadur, please check:


  1. I am eagerly looking forward to get my copies of Aabidji's latest collections. The legend he is deserves all the fanfare he is getting.

    Thanks to Alok for spreading the news and create awareness.

  2. @Rafiq Raja: I'm not also going to miss this 2nd train, which luckily we have chance to catch. Little disappointing the passive attitude of visitors, I thought many would be happy.
    Kudo Alok bhai.

  3. That's very good news Prabhat, We need to give all the support we can give.

  4. @IUnknown: We must help him to bring back Bahadur through picking copies of these. As quicker these will go for 2nd edition, closer we are for new Bahadur.

    Generally Indian artists don't earn well, when such works become out of print, people buy at rate of the gold. :)

  5. Hi Alok,

    Thanks for spreading the word around. One question is these cartoon strips are only in Hindi or also in English?

    Keeping fingers crossed for the new Bahadur series :-D

  6. how to get a copy of dabbu ji and bahadur?