Today I just wish to say, Thanks & Happy New Year!

Thursday, December 31, 2009 by: PBC

After few hours, 2009 is going to end. I was thinking about 2009 tonight.

Mix feelings: A year of up & down, joy & sorrow.

I wanted to see this year ended, may be  since very first week of  2009. There were lot of  expected & unexpected problems in personal life & blogging. Love & support of  family and friends had helped to come over.

Tonight I felt, I'd miss this year always. Because, I understood the real value of happiness this year only. Get acquainted with many  GOOD persons.

Now less richer, but more friends & more happier.

Today no comic in this blog. A little break. We worked hard, all of us- I mean visitors also. I was horrified myself checking numbers of posts (2009) in my all 3 open blogs only.

So friends,


Hey, you are still here. Please enjoy with family & friends.

If you couldn't satisfy without comic, then visit after some hours my Indrajal Blog.
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