#036.The Phantom - Egmont

Tuesday, July 08, 2008 by: PBC

Update: Egmont 11 added. Many many thanks to "Chatur Cheeta" for providing it.

Egmont Imagination India Ltd. (formerly Indian Express Egmont Publication Ltd.), launched a new series (2002-2002) for distribution throughout India. Numbering system was confused and it was reprinted several times with different covers. Recommend, reading more details at http://www.deepwoods.org/indian_express.html

Only 8 out of 21 comics are available at present. Hope rest we will have in near future.

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Egmont-01-01-Phantom-Devil's Story

Egmont-01-02-Phantom-Hoogan's Revenge

Egmont-02-04-Phantom-Death In The Central Park

Egmont-03-05-Phantom-Ghost Died Twice


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Egmont-10-Phantom-The Test

Egmont-16-Phantom-Messenger of Evil

Egmont-17-Phantom-Live Cargo

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