#705 - Tarzan and the Fires of Kohr - 1948-09-13 (#2833) to 1949-04-09 (#3012)

Sunday, January 24, 2016 by: Venkitachalam Subramanian

Emile has provided the strips for this wonderful Tarzan story, which ran for 180 days. The script was by Rob Thompson and there were 3 artists who worked on this story at various times.

Dan Barry (sounds familiar?) started the artwork for the strip on 1948-09-13 with strip number 2833, which looked like this:

He continued for 60 days or 10 weeks ending with strip number 2892 on 1948-11-20. John Lehti (famous for the Tales of the Great Book,)  took over from Dan and continued till strip number 2958 on 1949-02-05. Unfortunately this is shrouded in mystery as there are claims that these strips were ghosted by Emil Gershwin. Strip 2893 looked like this.

Paul Reinman took over with strip 2959 on 1949-02-07 and finished the story. He would also continue to do the artwork for 4 more Tarzan daily strip stories through to the middle of 1950. Strip 2959 looked like this.

Enough with all the history. Over to what most of us look for in a blog. Where is the link from where I can download the story? Ahhh. Here it is . Please down the original link from Emile over here and shower your thanks on him.



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