675 - Some Flash Gordon Sunday strips

Monday, July 07, 2014 by: Venkitachalam Subramanian

Courtesy, Emile, we have some Flash Gordon Sunday strips. S176 was the last Sunday strip drawn by Dan Barry (the brother of Sy Barry, who drew the Phantom). S177 was a reprint of an earlier Dan Barry comic strip. S178 thru S188 was drawn by a group of Latin American artists.

Starting with S189, King Features got a new artist Jim Keefe to do the artwork for the Flash Gordon Sunday strips. While remaining faithful to the creation of Alex Raymond, Jim did bring his own touch to the strips.

Here are the original links from Emile:

S189 - Demon From the Dark Dimension - 1996-01-21 to 1996-04-21 - 16 Weeks.zip

S190 - Nightfall on Mongo - 1996-04-28 to 1996-08-25 - 18 Weeks.zip

S191 - The Way it Began - 1996-09-01 to 1996-09-29 - 5 Weeks.zip

S192 - The Return of Ming - 1996-10-06 to 1996-12-22 - 12 Weeks.zip

S193 - Duroks Revenge - 1996-12-29 to 1997-05-11 - 20 Weeks.zip

Enjoy the stories and shower your gratitude on Emile.

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