#670 - Back to some more Hi-Res Mandrake strips from Emile

Sunday, May 11, 2014 by: Venkitachalam Subramanian

After a couple of different posts, we are back to continuing with some more Hi-Res Mandrake strips contributed by Emile. Of course the strips for those couple of other posts were also contributed by him.






Enjoy, and all thanks to Emile.

Oh and one other thing. One of my friends Steve Cottle has a KickStart project to get a new high speed scanner to help with the scanning. many of us have downloaded comics from his website. Now it is our chance to open up our hearts and, more importantly, our wallets and help him hit the target by June 7, 2014.

Here is his website , where you can get more details of the project and also make your pledge - http://www.ilovecomixarchive.com/. Contact him directly for any details, if you have questions.

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