#646 - Emile discovers more Phantom strips.

Sunday, August 04, 2013 by: Venkitachalam Subramanian

Here is a bunch of Phantom strips which were missing from the earlier upload. Emile is veritably a powerhouse source of better and different version of Phantom strips. I have no words to thank Emile, except to say that I am honored that he considers me his friend. I have never seen a comic book database for Indrajal Comics better than the one Emile has. Often we get to see glimpses of the contents when he mentions some details about comics in some of the blogs that deal with IJCs.

Enjoy the strips and shower Emile, with your words of gratitude.

D193. The Dakk Pirates - 1998-09-28 to - 1999-01-09 - 15 Weeks.zip

D194. The Albee - 1999-01-11 to 1999-03-13 - 9 Weeks.zip

D195. Terror at the Opera - 1999-03-15 to 1999-07-10 - 17 weeks.zip

D204. The Animal Collector - 2001-11-19 to 2002-03-30 - 19 weeks.zip


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