Batman with Robin the Boy Wonder - Strips (1966-05-30 to 1967-11-12)

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Here are some more Batman's strips:

Batman_With_Robin_01D: Catwoman

Batman_With_Robin_01S: A Penguin with Shark Teeth

Batman_With_Robin_02D: Joker On Parole

Batman_With_Robin_02S:The Nasty Napoleon

Batman_With_Robin_03D: Jolly Roger

Batman_With_Robin_03S: Batchap and Bobbin

Batman_With_Robin_04: Poison Ivy

Batman_With_Robin_05: Batman Meets Benny

Batman_With_Robin_06: Batgirl Begins

Batman_With_Robin_07: Amnesia

Writer: Whitney Ellsworth 
Shelly Moldoff - 01D & 01S
Joe Giella - 02D, 03D, 03S, 04, 05, 06, 07
S. Moldoff/J. Giella/C. Infantino - 02S

Note: From 4th story, there is no separate the Dailies and Sundays. One single story is continued throughout.
Read more details: Wikipedia

Some more Batman strips are posted HERE

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