Tarzan - Rescue at Mount Talamuna - 3D

Saturday, January 01, 2011 by: IUnknown

   Wishing you all very happy and prosperous new year !!! 

           Hi all, I am back from my long absence due to personal problems. Today I am posting next in line of 3D comics. Tarzan's  Rescue at Mount Talamuna - 3D. This is one of the rare 3D comic book I found where story is also good. I hope you enjoy it. As you know about 3D comics, this one will also require special 3D anaglyph glasses to read.

I had scans all ready months ago but editing was done today evening by me and Prabhat. He has shown his magic in non 3D pages.

Scanned By: IUnknown
Edited By: Prabhat

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