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Here WE send you Rainbow message…
Dipped Colors of Joy and Happiness,
Those will make your Life even more Colourful..

Happy Holi!

 Many of you has already noted an advertisement in sidebar. It's blog  (svclasses) of one of the most talented & successful person in his field in India. Although he is younger than me,  since childhood always admired  & respect him. Not only me, he is such a personality once who meets him, will never forget. Words are not enough to explain about him, one should meet him to understand what I mean.
      Even he was not going to mention about being TOPPER in his maiden attempt. However after several repeated requests (as I feel it'll be help to hint many whom he wishes to help), he agreed and put in last of the post. Read some more details their. However, it's just an outline. :) 
I had put this link NOT for him or myself, but for some Lucky & Dedicated students whom he could guide. Don't miss the train.
If you find that it's helpful information, please don't hesitate to share your view at his blog and/or sharing information about him (his blog) with others.

Now one of three promised strips set: 
Flash Gordon strips (1940-1944) by Austin Briggs.
 Flash Gordon D1-001 Princess Lita (05-27-1940 to 002-22-1941)

These are from my e-collection. All credits to original uploaders & scanning persons.
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Due to some personal respectable reasons first me, now Iunknown is forced to delay posting.

Now, I'm back after a short break. Today, thanks to Sumit Datta, sharing 19 Sunday Strips by Russ Manning.

I  already uploaded  files received from Sumit, only after that checked pages. So, some last missing pages, I'm giving  as separate links as part 2.

These I never saw posted before with download links at any site. Hoping this time those will also enjoy, who only after posting informs where these are posted as ANON (not with his nick or real name), but never bother to share, although they know our interest in some series since a long. Atleast this time those might be happy also. :)))

1.Tarzan Returns to the Land of the Ant Men (Jan 14, 1968 - June 16, 1968)

2.Tarzan and the Return of Dagga Ramba (June 23, 1968 - Dec. 1, 1968)

3.Tarzan and Tembo-Haven/Korak and the Elephant Girls (Dec. 8, 1968 - May 11, 1969)

4.Tarzan and the Safari to Opar (May 18, 1969 - Nov. 30, 1969) 

5.How Tarzan Met Jane (Dec. 7, 1969 - Feb. 15, 1970 )

6.KORAK AND THE RIVER OF TIME (Feb. 15, 1970 - May 31, 1970)

7.TARZAN AND THE SLAVERS (June 7 - Nov 8, 1970)

8.How Paul D'Arnot Met Tarzan (Nov. 15, 1970 - Jan. 17,)

9.Jad-Bal-Ja and the Apes (Jan. 24, 1971 - Feb. 14, 1971)

10.Tarzan® Returns to Pal-ul-don I (Feb 21, 1971 - April 2, 1972) Part I: Feb 1971 - Oct 1971

11.Tarzan® Returns to Pal-ul-don II (Feb 21, 1971 - April 2,1972) Part II: Nov 1971 - April 1972

12.Korak and the City of Xuja (Apr. 09, 1972 - Sept. 17, 1972)

12.Korak and the City of Xuja part 2

13.TARZAN'S PAL-UL-DON ADVENTURE CONTINUES ( Sep 24, 1972 - Oct 21, 1973)PART I: Sep 1972 - Dec 1972

14.TARZAN'S PAL-UL-DON ADVENTURE CONTINUES (Sep 24, 1972 - Oct 21, 1973)PART II: JAN 1973- MAY 1973

15.TARZAN'S PAL-UL-DON ADVENTURE CONTINUES (Sep 24, 1972 - Oct 21, 1973)PART III: JUNE 1973 - OCT 1973

16.Korak and the Igotha (Oct. 28, 1973 - Mar. 17, 1974)

16.Korak and the Igotha  Part2
17.Return to Castra Sanguinarius (March 24 - Nov 3, 1974)

18.Valley Of Mist (Nov. 10, 1974 - Feb. 9, 1975)


19. Elephant's Graveyard part 2

P.S.: Two more strips posts are coming very soon. 
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Happy Valentine's day to you all.

Today with this post Books and Comics reaches another milestone of 300 posts.
I am posting very special comic for the occassion, First 3D comics published in India.
It was published my Star Comics in 1980s. It started a new trend of 3D comics, but it did not last long. Mainly I feel due to bad stories, cost and also due to fake 3D comics in market.
With each comics was provided on pair of 3D glasses red color on left eye and cyan color on right. It was based on 3D anaglyph images technology. Wikipedia has an excellent article on this subject.
Unfortunately you do need a pair of 3D glasses. This articles has description of glasses It is pretty easy to make them. All you need is thin cardboard and transparent film of red and cyan color. These glasses are also available on ebay for about Rs.50. Search for Anaglyph or 3d glasses. I have many other 3D comics in my collection,if your response is favourable I'll post them all.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Most of you probably don't have 3D glasses, until you get them enjoy this long awaited Flash Gordon comics from Gold Key.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Friday, February 05, 2010 by PBC
A change in my today's posting plan.
    At request of our old visitor Dr.S.M putting his both contribution as post in earlier Target post. The first comic are photos taken by digital camera & 2nd by cellphone. He doesn't have a scanner at present, however we can enjoy as scan copies. Both comics I saw in digital version only, liked both. 
    Now friends has started sharing links in comments part, please have a quick look or wait until we will put it as post.

Ajit's funny world  This is a collection of Ajit Ninan's Funny World strips

All credits go to Dr.S.M. only.

Wait for next post by IUnknown - we are going to hit 3rd century
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