Flash Gordon Daily Strips by Austin Briggs

Sunday, February 28, 2010 by: PBC

Here WE send you Rainbow message…
Dipped Colors of Joy and Happiness,
Those will make your Life even more Colourful..

Happy Holi!

 Many of you has already noted an advertisement in sidebar. It's blog  (svclasses) of one of the most talented & successful person in his field in India. Although he is younger than me,  since childhood always admired  & respect him. Not only me, he is such a personality once who meets him, will never forget. Words are not enough to explain about him, one should meet him to understand what I mean.
      Even he was not going to mention about being TOPPER in his maiden attempt. However after several repeated requests (as I feel it'll be help to hint many whom he wishes to help), he agreed and put in last of the post. Read some more details their. However, it's just an outline. :) 
I had put this link NOT for him or myself, but for some Lucky & Dedicated students whom he could guide. Don't miss the train.
If you find that it's helpful information, please don't hesitate to share your view at his blog and/or sharing information about him (his blog) with others.

Now one of three promised strips set: 
Flash Gordon strips (1940-1944) by Austin Briggs.
 Flash Gordon D1-001 Princess Lita (05-27-1940 to 002-22-1941)

These are from my e-collection. All credits to original uploaders & scanning persons.

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