Hurrah! Bahadur is back.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010 by: PBC

Are you still searching and ready for buying Bahadur Comics?

The creator of Bahadur  Aabid Surti and the son of the illustrator late G.Brahamania: "Promod Brahamania" (new illustrator) has started

Some pages of the very first Bahadur comic are available for online reading and many more are coming. The pages are recoloured.

According to my source of information, all 75 old comics will be reprinted soon, as well as new adventures will be released. Visit and subscribe. It's high time to show our respect & encourage them.

Eagerly waiting printed version. Although I've recollected many physical copies of Bahadur comics, I would like buying complete NEW set.

Followings 75 comics were printed in Indrajal Comics (1976 - 1990) only:

267    1976    The Red Bricks House
270    1977    Blood Suckers
276    1977    The Murderous Trio
284    1977    The White Ghost's Den
292    1977    The Challenge of Witch
296    1978    The Bandit Chief
300    1978    The Fire-Birds
306    1978    Double - Trap
312    1978    The KungFu Kings
316    1978    The Child Lifters
322    1979    The Invisible Saviour
326    1979    The Gang of Imposters
352    1980    The Secret Assignment
358    1980    The Desert Smugglers
364    1980    The Web of Hatred
370    1981    The Mystery of the Headless Ghost
374    1981    The Golden Tower
382    1981    The Spectre of Crime
395    1982    The Dragons
404    1982    The Vengeful Outlaws
419    1982    Highway Gang
433    1982    Treacherous Vandals
439    1982    The Maze of Treachery
V20N09    1983    The Secret of the Blue Mountain
V20N21    1983    The Duel at Shikargarh
V20N28    1983    The Great Bank Robbery
V20N34    1983    The Treasure Trail
V20N41    1983    Operation Cancer
V20N45    1983    The Savage Family
V20N52    1983    The Drug Scandal
V21N05    1984    Ambush on the Beach
V21N11    1984    Treasure in the Ruins
V21N18    1984    The Land Grabbers
V21N22    1984    The Coal Mafia
V21N28    1984    The Bridge on the River Nandi
V21N35    1984    The Highway Inn
V21N41    1984    Journey to the Silver Sands
V21N44    1984    The Satan's Legion
V21N50    1984    The Crime Syndicate of Arjangarh
V22N04    1985    The Big Three of Kanakpur
V22N16    1985    The Slave Runners
V22N22    1985    The Sword of Honour
V22N27    1985    The Massacre at Sitapur
V22N36    1985    The Ill Fated Outlaws
V22N42    1985    The Steel Grip
V22N49    1985    The Sweet Revenge
V23N05    1986    The Growing Spectre
V23N11    1986    The Tantalizing Killer
V23N22    1986    The Vortex of Crime
V23N31    1986    The Mask of Deception
V23N38    1986    Curse of the Guarding Spirits
V23N45    1986    The Whispering Shadows
V23N49    1986    The Masked Princess
V24N05    1987    The Price of Revenge
V24N11    1987    The Dictates of Destiny
V24N17    1987    The Abominable Deal
V24N31    1987    The Seeds of Poison
V24N37    1987    The Preying Ravens
V24N48    1987    The Brewing Treachery
V25N03    1988    The Call of the Valley
V25N11    1988    The Fire of Vengeance
V25N17    1988    The Savage Outlaws
V25N26    1988    The Calunge Beach
V25N33    1988    The Clutches of Greed
V25N41    1988    The Dreaded Fugitive
V25N50    1988    The Prowling Wolves
V26N08    1989    The Innocent Hostages
V26N12    1989    The Mistaken Identity
V26N18    1989    The Death Duel
V26N28    1989    The Raging Evil
V26N30    1989    The Haunted Fort
V26N35    1989    The Bank Heist
V26N38    1989    The Ghastly Encounter
V27N01    1990    The Fire of Revenge
V27N05    1990    The Snake Charmers Bait

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