D16 The Baboon Boy - 18-12-1956 to 26-02-1957 (by John Celardo )

Saturday, April 03, 2010 by: PBC

Dear friends,

You know I like sharing several comics in one post. But the daily strips by John Celardo #16 to #36, I'm going to share one by one in very near future.

It's respect to the contributor Emile who had downloaded every strip manually in better resolution as well as provided the contents (which is coming in every strip).  Hoping you will understand & enjoy! Kudo Emile!

Contents for this archive:
Art:    John Celardo
Story:    16
Title:    The Baboon Boy
Start:    1956-12-18 [#5421]
End:    1957-02-26 [#5480]
Strips:    62 daily strips
This story was reprinted on the UFS web site using these dates:
First strip:    2006-01-09 (Matrix #5419)
Last strip:    2006-03-21 (Matrix #5480)

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P.S. This is not the last series contributed by Emile, several rare strips are coming also. Please make at least 6 GB space at your hard disk, may be more will be required. :)

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