Sunday, September 27, 2009 by PBC
27th Sep 2009  is vey special:
1. Today India is celebrating Maha Navami.

Very Happy Durga Puja to all friends and their family. 

2. From today, our friend Rafiq Raja (Comicology) is no more a bachelor.  Hurray!

Wishing New Married Couple,  Very Very Happy & Prosperous New life!

This post contains  2 Tarzan comics scanned by one and only Ajnaabi.
Proudly debuting two rare gems -  both series were never shared before at net. 


Tarzan  #001 - (colour) -1979 - Kiran
 It contains two stories:
1. The Long Grave
2. The Magic Place

Tarzan #015 - The Little Warrior (Vidyarthi Mithram)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009 by PBC
Ghost Town (by Morris and Goscinny)

This work presents the adventures of the world's greatest cowboy, the comic strip character who can shoot faster than his own shadow. As he roams with his horse Jolly Jumper, always seeking new adventures, Lucky Luke meets two suspicious characters, Denver Miles and Colorado Bill. Together they arrive on the outskirts of a deserted city, Gold Hill, which counts only one inhabitant. The old man, Powell, is the sole survivor of a gold rush that he has not given up on, despite years without success. He continues to work his mine, which Denver and Colorado soon try to take over any way they can. But Lucky Luke, who has taken a liking to the old man, is looking out for him and will save him from many troubles...


This comics is sent to me by Ajnaabi & scanned by Minutemen-DTs. All thanks & credits go to original scanners, uploaders & Ajnaabi.
Friday, September 18, 2009 by PBC
Dear friends, this comics I received in January 2009 & only today able to post. Very thankful to contributor 'Srikanth' for understanding my situation without any explanation & waiting so long.

The Mask of Zorro # 538 (1954) Dell
(New scans)


P.S. This one & earlier Zorro was bought by Srikanth at cost of 50+ USD each. There are 11 more such rare issues in his collection.

Do you wish to read those?
Thursday, September 17, 2009 by PBC
One of the most popular comics character 'Tarzan', was created by Edgar Rice Burroughs in 1911. First appeared in the novel 'Tarzan of the Apes'. which was published in 1912. The very same book was adapted as first Tarzan comics strip in early 1929.

Like the Phantom, Tarzan also lives in the jungles of Africa. Sadly, both never meet in any comics.

This time read : Tarzan #34 (Hindi)

Higher Resolution


Standard Resolution

Contributed by Anurag Dixit.
Friday, September 11, 2009 by PBC
Are you interested in YOGA?

A very good news for yoga fans:

Dr. Krisha Raman has started a YOGA blog:

He is a renowned medicine & yoga professional (see his profile HERE), and author of several articles & two bestsellers:

1. A Matter of Health - Integration of Yoga and Western medicine for Prevention and Cure;

2. Yoga & Medical Science : FAQ.

One can ask directly questions through his blog.

His official site:

P.S. Dr. Raman is the regular & most active visitor since early stage of this blog, now we are VERY VERY GOOD friends.

And now Last softcover TV Tornado #88.

TV Tornado 88 City Magazines (UK)

All credits to unknown Scanner & original Uploader only.
Friday, September 04, 2009 by PBC
According to Deepwoods, 88 TV Tornado softcover & 2 hardcover annuals were published only.

This time #64 from e-collection.

TV Tornado 64 City Magazines (UK)

All credits to unknown Scanner & original Uploader only.

While you are downloading comics, may be like to watch this clip.

I was searching some videos, this one forced me to watch several times. It's a short video about special effects' evolution from beginning.


Thursday, September 03, 2009 by PBC
Every society has its laws: some written, some un-written - for some are forbidden to be even spoken aloud. The penalty for breaking these laws is often swift and uncompromising. Combine the lack of this knowledge with the unhinged mind of a deadly assassin who is calling out the Phantom and you get nothing but fire. Bang the drum for Paul Guinan's (Chronos) painted art, which has an eerie cinematic quality that ignites a wanton rhythm into the night of the Bangalla jungle. You want to see him the way others see him in his world? This is your one chance... if the law allows...

The Phantom: Law of the Jungle (2006)




Scanned by Foyle-DCP and uploaded by BENNY31 & MMDSX. All thanks & credits go to them.
Wednesday, September 02, 2009 by PBC
The Ghost Killer is one of the stand-alone editions, and showcases elements of the Phantom which have been successfully adapted to a present-day setting, as well as fundamental elements which remain troublesome.

Successful weapons-dealer, Solomon Bishop, has a problem: The Ghost Who Walks! The Phantom is the only thing stopping a multi-million dollar sale of rifles equipped with "re-positioning" technology. So what's a rich and evil businessman to do? Why, hire an exotic raven-haired killing machine to do your dirty work for you, of course! The dealer hires a female assassin from Spain to kill the Phantom.

The Phantom: The Ghost Killer (2002)




Scanned by Foyle-DCP and uploaded by BENNY31 & MMDSX. All thanks & credits go to them.
Tuesday, September 01, 2009 by PBC
The bloodthirsty Singh Brotherhood are the Phantom's oldest foes. Deep within the Bengali jungle lies their most revered and evil treasure, THE SINGH WEB! It's diabolical secret simmered quietly until the stunning and ambitious archeologist Dr. Veronica Roberts got her mitts on it. Now, it's rest disturbed and it's terrible supernatural force placing the entire world at risk, the Phantom must embark on an adventure that will lead him through the streets of New York to the gates of Shaolin! Unfortunately, Hassan Singh, current head of the pirate empire, is a step ahead of him.

The Phantom: The Singh Web (2002)




Scanned by Foyle-DCP and uploaded by BENNY31 & MMDSX. All thanks & credits to them.
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