#250. Two living legends: Govind Brahmania & Aabid Surbi

Saturday, August 15, 2009 by: PBC

Today is the 63rd Independence Day of Hindustan (India) & 250th post of this blog.

Do you know what Hindustan means?
No??? Ok. let me tell you.

H-> Humble
I-> Ideal
N-> Neighbor
D-> Dynamic
U-> Ultimate
S-> Super
T-> Talented
A-> Able
N-> Nation

Instead of comics, this time sharing some rare things with all.

Two living legends related with Indrajal Comics:

Govind Brahmania: The man is who not only created logo of Indrajal, several Indrajal covers which are considered the best, but was the first illustrator of Bahadur. I never find his photo at net before, hoping many fans would be happier to see this legendary person.

Aabid Surbi , the creator of Bahadur:

He is not only an national award winner painter, writer, but likes meditation & helping. Read this article. Heartily wish & support Aabid ji in his restarting planning of Bahadur. Hoping all hurdles he’ll come over and we’ll be able to get physical reprinted old Bahadur and new stories.

For photos and autograph, special thanks to Alok (in pictures he is with both legends) & his team who are making a documentary firm at Indian comics (expected time length 240 minutes). Alok has not only collected autograph of Aabid ji for me & Ramanan, but with happiness allowed to publish photos first time at net through this blog, has not posted at his own blog. So, especially added watermark to respect their hard work and friendly attitude.

For more details, wait Alok’s documentary film. I'll inform release date.

Who wishes to read a new all pages version of the first Bahadur Comics (1 December, 1976) in Hindi, visit Indrajal-online.blogspot.com.

P.S. This link contains all these photos, autograph and comic in Hindi.

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