#182. Munna Bhai 2 "NEW "

Sunday, May 17, 2009 by: PBC

New "Munna Bhai 2" is released in new theater. Don’t miss this promised mega Indrajal Show. Visit HERE.

Third part is also ready. :)

Following joke for Hindi readers. I can't provide proper English translation as my ENGLISH is weak. :)

CIRCUIT : Bhai, Bapu ne bola tha ke kabhi jhoot nehin bolna mangta hai. Apun aaj se kabhi jhoot nehin bolega. Bhai, woh apnay bachpan ka dost aarehla aaj raat ko dinner (blog) pe. Sara comics collection apnay kamray mein chupa do na please.

MUNNABHAI: Kyun tera dost chor hai kya?

CIRCUIT : Nehin Bhai, woh apun longon ke blog se jalta hai. Usko bolo apun gaon gaya hai, kheti (comics post) karneko.

MUNNA BHAI: Par Circuit, abhi to tu bola kabhi jhoot nehin bolega.

CIRCUIT: Bhai, apun jhoot nehin bolega, agar computer jhoot bole to mera kya kasur. Agar wo Bengaluru se chitthi likh sakta hai nakli BCCL ka wakil ban kar, Amerika se login kar satka hai, apun gaon se post nahin kar sakta kaya.

MUNNA BHAI: Apun ke bheje main kuch parela nahin.

CIRCUIT: Bhai, tum kahiko khali pili tension letta hai, tension lene ka nahin dene ka.

Enjoy some moments from all 3 parts of one of best Hindi comedy of all times. Egarly waiting 3rd part which is coming in DEC 2009.

Hope the FAKE ADVOCATE has read DMCA warning about responsibility of fake claiming of copyrights. Or "our Advocate" is also representing film industry ? :)))

All three clips are taken from YOU TUBE. All credits to uploaders only.

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