#160. The Phantom (1943 Movie Serial)

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The Phantom (1943)

Directed by B. Reeves Eason

Based on the King Feature comic strip hero "Phantom," an exciting serial adventure produced by Columbia Pictures (USA) & released on 24 December 1943. The serial also features Jeanne Bates as the Phantom's girlfriend Diana Palmer, and Ace the Wonder Dog as the Phantom's trusty German shepherd Devil.


Two expeditions are trying to reach the Lost City of Zoloz--one headed by Prof. Davidson, a scientist who wants to establish an archaeological site, and the other by a greedy treasure hunter who wants to keep the fabled treasures of the city for himself. An agent of a foreign power also wants to establish a secret airbase there, so he stirs up the natives against The Phantom, who has been able to get them to stay peaceful so far. When The Phantom is murdered, his son takes his place and sets out to restore peace to the jungle and stop the agents' and the treasure hunters' nefarious plans.

Includes 15 episodes:

chapter 1: The Sign of the Skull

chapter 2: The Man Who Never Dies

chapter 3: A Traitor's Code

chapter 4: The Seat of Judgement

chapter 5: The Ghost Who Walks

chapter 6: Jungle Whispers

chapter 07: The Mystery Well

chapter 08: In the Quest of the Keys

chapter 09: The Fire Princess

chapter 10: The Chamber of Death

chapter 11: The Emerald Key

chapter 12: The Fangs of the Beast

chapter 13: The Road to Zoloz

chapter 14: The Lost City

chapter 15: Peace in the Jungle

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Writing credits
Leslie Swabacker
(screenplay) (as Leslie J. Swabacker) &
Morgan Cox
(screenplay) (as Morgan B. Cox) &
Victor McLeod
(screenplay) &
Sherman L. Lowe
(screenplay) (as Sherman Lowe)

Lee Falk
comic strip (as Leon Falk)
Ray Moore
comic strip

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