#017.Enid Blyton's Famous Five

Wednesday, May 28, 2008 by: PBC

The Famous Five is the name of a series of children's books written by Enid Blyton. The first book, Five on a Treasure Island, was published in 1942.

The Famous Five are a group of children who have the sort of adventures most kids dream about, in a world where ginger beer flows and ham rolls are a staple diet. Julian, Dick and Anne get together with their cousin George in the first adventure, Five On A Treasure Island.

George is actually a girl who wants so desperately to be a boy she crops her hair and struts about doing boy things. She hates it when people call her by her correct name, Georgina. She has a dog called Timmy—oh yes, and an island. Most kids just have a dog, but George's parents own Kirrin Island and let her run around on it as if it were her play-thing. Her parents are known to Julian, Dick and Anne as Uncle Quentin and Aunt Fanny.

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Enid Blyton Five Go Down To Sea

Enid Blyton Five Go Off To Camp

Enid Blyton Five Got Into A Fix

Enid Blyton Five Got Into Trouble
Enid Blyton Five Have A Mystery To Solve

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