#001.Why decided to start a new blog with already distributed books & comics? This post is dedicated to all comic lovers of INDRAJAL Comics.

Sunday, November 18, 2007 by: PBC

Four-five years ago tried to find some favorite books and comics, but in vain. Two months ago, again decided to search, find out that many were available and now links are lost. Since last 2 months, I am on forced vacation. Till 15th Jan 2008, I will have a plenty of times. Initially I was collecting all possible books for myself which I want to read. But now wish to help to those people who gave a lot of time in searching like me. If I able to spread my favorites to 100 people, THE HARD WORK of those people will never be lost who scanned or uploaded for OTHERS. These books and comics will return back to the net, again and again for it lovers.
In childhood most part of the money spent on books. CHAMPAK, PARAG, CHANDAMAMA and NANDAN were bought for me by parents. But it was not enough for me. The very first comic was Phantom (Indrajal-1977). Parents were not agreeing with my choice for comics. But I spend all my pocket money on it. My collection is lost forever, but thanks to the following blogs, I’m recollecting again, not only for myself but for my twins too. Some are not publishing; some are not available everywhere.
Visit to encourage their GREAT EFFORTS:

I’ll add links to sites from where you can take it yourself. If there is need, will rearrange them in one folder, but after sometimes with the kind permission of the CREATORS. Try to help to all fans, to find the book in shortest time. Time is the most valuable. Let’s use every saved second in reading or passing with the family and friends.
First post is for them who want to collect published copies of INDRAJAL COMICS as soon as possible. But for new one you have to go to the above one.

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