Sunday, July 14, 2019

#858 - A Bunch Of High Resolution Sunday Phantom strips

Emile has provided us with some high resolution Sunday Phantom strips, including the latest one. For those who have MediaFire Pro account, here is the link to the complete folder :

For those who want the links to the individual stories, here are the individual links to the stories:

There are quite a few stories here. Keep downloading and thanking Emile for all these shares.




  1. thank you very much, grateful

  2. Good afternoon
    We really must all thank Emile Schwarz, for the capacity and quality of his compilations.

    However, I think I should alert you to the following two situations:

    1 – The download of the S172 story, for some reason is not working properly.

    2 - By considering the Special Strip launched on 07/10/2012 as the S176 story, could be "misrepresenting" all the chronologies presented on the Internet about the numbering of the Phantom stories. I can even understand the idea but I don't know if it is the best method.

    Anyway, a very special thanks to Emile, for the high quality of his work.

  3. Many thanks to Emile and of course Venkit for the efforts.

  4. Thank you for your efforts and generosity Emile and Venkit.

  5. Thanks Emile and Venkit... This is brilliant.. are there high res copies of remaining Sunday strips?