Monday, July 09, 2018

#826 - The latest Tarzan Daily strip (reprint)

Emile has provided us with the strips for the latest Tarzan Daily strip "The Pirates", that concluded yesterday. The first panel looks like this:

Download the story from the original link here and shower your thanks on him.

Emile also has the following additional info for Tarzan enthusiasts:
You can get a list of daily strips stories at:

Why this list is… complex ?

There is a first story (Tarzan of the Apes), followed by a serie of stories numbered from A (The Return of Tarzan) to Z (Tarzan and the Fires of Tohr) and, then a matrix number is used - since 1 (1939-08-28) to 10308 (or RM308, 1972-07-29 that is the end of the original run).
These are followed by reprints from Burne Hogarth (194è-09-01/2509, Tarzan at the Earth's Core…); and these reprints were reprinted recently (yes, the same stories !).

And the list (link above) is incomplete. As an example, for today’s shared story, you have there:
3801-3858 (? -22 Dec. 1951):  Bob Lubbers/Dick Van Buren, Tarzan and the Pirates (58 days)

My own entry is:
D080 - Tarzan and the Pirates - 2018-05-05 (3801) To 2018-07-07 (3858) - 58 Strips

So the full entry is:
Daily Strip #:    080 (80th story starting with the original one, in 1928).
Title:    Tarzan and the Pirates
Date Start:    1951-10-17    (3801)    Reprint: 2018-05-05
Date End:    1951-12-22    (3858)    Reprint: 2018-07-07
Length:    55 Strips

Each daily strip have a matrix number (since 1939-08-28: 0001)

Nota: the situation is far different for the  Sunday Strips. You can make your mind in reading  list of stories there:





  1. simply wonderful! Thanks and thanks and thanks and... there are not enough words in this universe for expressing my felings about what are you doing. Please go on!