Sunday, February 08, 2015 by Venkitachalam Subramanian
For those among us who know only Dhoni and gang and probably heard of Tendulkar (god of cricket), there was a cricketer, who reigned the World of Test Cricket from the early seventies to the early eighties. He came to the cricket scene with a bang in 1971, scoring 774 runs in 5 Tests (didn't bat in one innings to add to the greatness) against the mighty West Indies, which included 2 double centuries against the likes of Wesley Hall, Charles Griffith, Gary Sobers et al.

That year was a change in Indian cricket, when India moved from an also-ran to become a leading nation, when in 1971, they followed up a marvelous victory in the Windies, with a win over England in the same year.

This cricketer, soon became a superstar. What announces the arrival of a superstar better than a comic book series depicting him as the hero. Remember the Supremo series based on Amitabh. Well this cricketer had a comic book series named after him - SUNNY - and I have great pleasure to present here the first issue. Unfortunately I am missing the cover and so I do not know the name of the story.

Download the comic here.

If someone among you knows more about the series, please do let us all know more by commenting.

Though there is mention of the next one in the series, If I had been the cricketer, I would have stopped any further stories in the series.

But it is fun to identify some of the Indian cricketers of those times who also are depicted in the story. As also Raj.



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