#008.Classics Illustrated Junior Comics

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“CLASSICS ILLUSTRATED JUNIOR was the brainchild of Russian-born Albert Lewis Kanter, a visionary publisher who deserves to be ranked among the great teachers of the 20th century. Born in Baranovitch, Russia on April 11, 1897, he immigrated with his family to the United States in 1904. From 1941 to 1971, he introduced young readers to the realms of literature, history, folklore, mythology, and science in such juvenile series as CLASSICS ILLUSTRATED, CLASSICS ILLUSTRATED JUNIOR, CLASSICS ILLUSTRATED SPECIAL ISSUES, and THE WORLD AROUND US.”

- William B. Jones Jr.; Author; Classics Illustrated: A Cultural History; (McFarland & Co., Publishers)

Only these 77 CLASSICS ILLUSTRATED JUNIOR with fairy tales and folk tales were published.

501 Snowwhite & the Seven Dwarfs

502 The Ugly Duckling

503 Cinderella

504 The Pied Piper

505 The Sleeping beauty

506 The Three Little Pigs

507 Jack and the Beanstalk

508 Goldilocks & the Three Bears

509 Beauty and the Beast

510 Little Red Riding Hood

511 Puss In Boots

512 Rumplestiltskin

513 Pinocchio

514 The Steadfast Tin Soldier

515 Johnny Appleseed (check 31th post)

516 Aladdin and his Lamp

517 The Emperor's New Clothes

518 The Golden Goose

519 Paul Bunyan

520 Thumbelina

521 The King of the Golden River

522 The Nightingale

523 The Gallant Tailor

524 The Wild Swans

525 The Little Mermaid

526 The Frog Prince

527 The Golden Haired Giant

528 The Penny Prince

529 The Magic Servants

530 The Golden Bird

531 Rapunzel

532 The Dancing Princesses

533 The Magic Fountain

534 The Golden Touch

535 The Wizard of Oz

536 The Chimney Sweep

537 The Three Fairies

538 Silly Hans

539 The Enchanted Fish

540 The Tinder Box

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541 Snow White & Rose Red

542 The Donkey's Tale

543 The House in the Woods

544 The Golden Fleece

545 The Glass Mountain

546 The Elves and the Shoemaker

547 The Wishing Table

548 The Magic Pitcher

549 Simple Kate

550 The Singing Donkey

551 TheQueen Bee

552 The Three Little Dwarfs

553 King Thrushbeard

554 The Enchanted Deer

555 The Three Golden Apples

556 The Elf Mound

557 Silly Willie

558 The Magic Dish

559 The Japanese Lantern

560 The Doll Princess

561 Hans Humdrum

562 The Enchanted Pony

563 The Wishing Well

564 The Salt Mountain

565 The Silly Princess

566 Clumsy Hans

567 The Bearskin Soldier

568 The Happy Hedgehog

569 The Three Giants

570 The Pearl Princess

571 How Fire Came to the Indians

572 The Drummer Boy

573 The Crystal Ball

574 Brightboots

575 The Fearless Prince

576 The Princess Who Saw Everything

577 The Runaway Dumpling

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