Sunday, October 05, 2014 by Venkitachalam Subramanian
The past two weeks were festive for Hindus and Saturday thru Sunday is Eid-Al_Adha for Muslims.

Here are a few more Sunday Flash Gordon strips, courtesy Emile.

S194 - Lair of the Damned - 1997-0518 to 1997-07-13 - 9

S195 - Wartog - 1997-07-20 to 1997-10-12 - 13

S196 - Alania Under Siege - 1997-10-19 to 1998-05-03 - 29

S197 - Traitor in Our Midst - 1998-05-10 to 1998-10-18 - 23

S198 - The Way it Began (Re-Edit) - 1998-10-25 to 1998-11-01 - 2

S199 - Shadowland - 1999-11-08 to 1999-01-03 - 9

S200 - Return To Syk - 1999-01-10 to 1999-03-28 - 12

These are Emile's original links. So download from them and shower your thanks on Emile.


BTW, I will be using more of filefactory and sendspace instead of mediafire, as the Pro accounts in those are cheaper.

Sorry about the earlier links. Looks like they have expired. Will be more careful in future. Apologize profusely.

Sunday, September 07, 2014 by Venkitachalam Subramanian
Sunday is Onam and so Happy Onam to everyone. To the uninitiated, a little background on the festival - thanks to Wikipedia and other sources.

Onam (Malayalamഓണം) is a festival celebrated by the people of the state of Kerala (where I hail from) in India.  It is also the State Festival of Kerala.
The festival falls during the Malayalam month of Chingam (Aug - Sep) and marks the commemoration of the 17th incarnation of Lord MahaVishnu namely Vamana (dwarf) and the subsequent homecoming of the mythical King Mahabali (lovingly called Maveli by Malayalees), who Malayalees consider as the ideal King. In Kerala, it is the festival celebrated with a variety of cultural elements such as Vallam Kali (boat race), Pulikkali (tiger dance), Pookkalam (decoration with flowers), Onathappan, Kazhchakkula,
Atthachamayam etc. Onam is reminiscent of Kerala's agrarian past, as it is considered to be a harvest festival.
While on the subject of agrarian past and harvest festivals, one cannot but think or talk about conservation and how it affects the indigenous peoples, when conservation is taken to the extreme levels, without a due thought process.
Tarzan, in this daily strip provided by Emile, gives us all a beautiful lesson on conservation, while not putting the life of the tribals in danger.

Download the original link from Emile here and enjoy.
Saturday, August 30, 2014 by Venkitachalam Subramanian
Emile has provided us with the latest Phantom daily strip that ran from 04/21/2014 and concluded on 08/23/2014 running for 18 weeks.

Download the story from Emile's original link here.

Enjoy the story and shower your thanks on Emile.
Saturday, August 16, 2014 by Venkitachalam Subramanian
Couple of posts ago I had shared about 12 links containing Moonstone Phantom comics scan sent to me by a very ardent Phan - Celso Nunes. Here is the next bunch of stories.

There are two Annuals also associated with this series and here they are:

Click the link below to get more info about the 26 comic books:

Saturday, August 09, 2014 by Venkitachalam Subramanian
Emile has provided us with a high resolution version of this story - the last installment in that series.

Download the story here.

A couple of strips are in B&W while the rest are in color. Luckily I had these strips in color and here they are:

Thank you Emile, for the strip.
Monday, August 04, 2014 by Venkitachalam Subramanian
Monday, July 21, 2014 by Venkitachalam Subramanian
Here is the latest reprint of a Tarzan daily strip story, coutesy Emile. This had also been reprinted in a comic book in India, which had been posted long time ago in this very same blog.

Download the story here and shower your thanks on Emile.

Monday, July 07, 2014 by Venkitachalam Subramanian
Courtesy, Emile, we have some Flash Gordon Sunday strips. S176 was the last Sunday strip drawn by Dan Barry (the brother of Sy Barry, who drew the Phantom). S177 was a reprint of an earlier Dan Barry comic strip. S178 thru S188 was drawn by a group of Latin American artists.

Starting with S189, King Features got a new artist Jim Keefe to do the artwork for the Flash Gordon Sunday strips. While remaining faithful to the creation of Alex Raymond, Jim did bring his own touch to the strips.

Here are the original links from Emile:

S189 - Demon From the Dark Dimension - 1996-01-21 to 1996-04-21 - 16

S190 - Nightfall on Mongo - 1996-04-28 to 1996-08-25 - 18

S191 - The Way it Began - 1996-09-01 to 1996-09-29 - 5

S192 - The Return of Ming - 1996-10-06 to 1996-12-22 - 12

S193 - Duroks Revenge - 1996-12-29 to 1997-05-11 - 20

Enjoy the stories and shower your gratitude on Emile.

Sunday, June 22, 2014 by Venkitachalam Subramanian
Courtesy Emile, we have the color reprint of D270, a story called Alibi Algie.

This idea of an identical twin being in a different place at the same time as the perpetrator of a crime was a favorite theme in a few very successful Telugu and Tamil movies. Added to that we also have a Scotland Yard inspector who looks like who else but ...

Download the story here and shower your thanks on Emile.


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