Wednesday, May 16, 2018

#823 - Latest Tarzan Daily strip reprint

Emile has provided us with the link to the latest Tarzan daily strip reprint that just concluded. It is D079 - Tarzan and the Hunter - 2018-03-03 (3750) to 2018-05-03 (3803). The first panel looks like this:

Here is Emile's original link. Download the story from that link and shower your thanks on him.




  1. Thanks Emile and Venkit!

  2. I shower my merciless laughter on the clueless guys who waste their time in publishing such blogs and posting such drivel on them. Aren't you bums already over 20. And still you read superflop comics characters like Phantom which has lately been tried, tested and failed by a number of greedy publishers. Phantom would last the lifetimes of morons who were fascinated by him in their childhoods. And then there will be no Phantom at all :) the ghost who walked died due to lack of interest from AI age kids. ROFL :D

  3. Thank You Emile and Venkitachalam for share these wonderful stories.

  4. thanks forposting thiscomic