7 Lucky Luke Comics in English (Billy the Kid; Ma Dalton, Barbed Wire on the Prairie, Calamity Jane, The Wagon Train, Western Circus,The Rivals of Painful Gulch

Thursday, April 07, 2011 by: PBC

Lucky Luke 01 - Billy the Kid




Lucky Luke 06 - Ma Dalton


Lucky Luke 07 - Barbed Wire on the Prairie

Lucky Luke 08 - Calamity Jane

Lucky Luke 09 - The Wagon Train 


Lucky Luke 11 - Western Circus 

Lucky Luke 12 - The Rivals of Painful Gulch

Last month Maverick (a regular visitor) had informed about availability of these at  http://forum.mobilism.org/. One can read more details there. 
(who posted) with happiness, allowed sharing here. These are same "MEGAUPLOAD" links shared by him 
All thanks & credits go to both.

P.S. 5 more comics were already shared earlier: Check Here

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