Saturday, May 22, 2010 by IUnknown
I hope you have purchased/made your 3D glasses by now. I have next in series of 3D comics, Jungle ki Rani by Diamond comics. The main stories are about queen of jungle Karishma, who is a sort of female Tarzan, Illustrations and stories are quite good, Rare for any published 3D comics. Cover is bit risque, so I was hesitant first about posting.

Hoping you'll like this comics.

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All credits go to:
Scanned by : IUnknown
Cleaning of non 3D pages: Prabhat
Wednesday, May 12, 2010 by PBC
Script: Norman Worker,
Art: Hans Lindahl,
Cover: Antonio Lemos

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Scanned by  Rockloud
Scans provided by Delboj

and edited by me.

Egmont Version Cover: #1 - 1996 (Den siste viking)

Saturday, May 08, 2010 by IUnknown

Hi All,

I hope you have all got your 3d glasses by now. I was planning to post a series of 3D comics after my last post, but some serious personal problems affected my plans.

Here is second 3D comics in the series of 3D comics.

It is based on famous movie Return of the jaws. Although it is a comic it doesn't have a single baloon. I tried my best to clean this comic but I am no photoshop expert and I found to my dismay that mycleaning methods caused loss of 3D effect. Prabhat has cleaned all non 3D pages for me.

Hoping you'll like this comics.

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All credits go to:

Scanned by Myself.

Non 3D pages cleaned by Prabhat
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