by PBC
This post is for those who missed these. These are from my e-collection. All credits go to unknown original contributors.

by Russ Manning:
Tarzan (02-17-1974) to (03-06-1974) 

02 The Romans 03-10-1974 to 11-03-1974(i)

03 The Glowing Mists 11-10-1974 to xx-xx-1975(i)

04 The Rebel Army xx-xx-1977 to xx-xx-1977(i)

05 The Jewel of Pellucidar-xx-xx-1978 to 01-21-1979(i) 

06 The International Athletic Competition-01-28-1979 to 06-24-1979

by Gil Kane:
03-09-1980 to 07-13-1980 Tarzan-The Sankura Princess Survivors (Gil Kane)

07-01-1979 to 09-09-1979 Tarzan-The Runaway (Gil Kane) 

07-20-1980 to 11-02-1980 Tarzan-Zugor the Ape (Gil Kane) 

09-16-1979 to 12-02-1979 Tarzan-The Man Eater (Gil Kane)

11-09-1980 to 02-01-1981 Tarzan-The Super Race (Gil Kane)

12-09-1979 to 03-02-1980 Tarzan-Refuge From the Rich and Famous (Gil Kane) (alternate scans)

12-09-1979 to 03-02-1980 Tarzan-Refuge From the Rich and Famous (Gil Kane)

 by Gray Morrow:
59 Tarzan's Trip to New York 11-23-1997 to 03-08-1998(i)

60 D'arnot's Fiance 03-15-1998 to 07-05-1998

61 Movie Brats 07-12-1998 to 10-11-1998(i) 

62 The Night People 10-18-1998 to 01-31-1999

63 Jane's Quest 02-07-1999 to 05-23-1999

64 Tarzan and the New Atlantis 05-30-1999 to 09-12-1999

65 The Face in the Sun 09-19-1999 to 01-02-2000 

66 The Roof of the World 01-09-2000 to 04-23-2000

67 Flight From Pellucidar 04-30-2000 to 08-13-2000

68 Two Tribes Race 08-20-2000 to 11-26-2000 

69 The Tree of Life 12-03-2000 to 03-18-2001

70 The Face of Death 03-25-2001 to 07-08-2001

71 To Capture A King 07-15-2001 to 08-19-2001

by Eric Battle:
01 Last Man Standing 8-26-01 to 12-30-01

Tuesday, January 26, 2010 by IUnknown

Happy Republic Day To You all !!!

!!! It's party time !!!
Today Books and Comics crossed the 150,000 visitors mark.
Thanks to all of you for your support.

This is my first post and I would like to thank Prabhat for giving me this opportunity.

I bought my first comic in 1981, which was IJC 383. Since then I have bought every comics I could lay my hands on. I lost many comics during this period but still have a huge collection of both physical as well as soft copies, which I would like to share with you.

As my first post I am posting Adventures of Detective Moochhwala. Moochhwala was a comic strip which was created by famous political cartoonist Ajit Ninan. It was published in Target magazine in 80s and 90s. Each magazine had a single story of two pages.

More details about Detective Moochhwala are on Wikipedia.
This is a special issue which contains all the published strips to that date. I hope you enjoy it.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic

My second post will appear on Indrajal Comics - Countdown continues today itself. Enjoy !!!
Monday, January 18, 2010 by PBC
 Hello friends,

Sharing these strips at request of one of most active visitor OLD MAN MOZZ as sooner I could. Hoping you all will enjoy!

I found this information & these strips shared by Pete. All credits go to him.

He writes:

Garth is a UK comic strip which ran in the Daily Mirror from 1943 until 1997.

The strip is in the science fiction-adventure genre, Garth has traveled through time and space, met numerous famous people from history and even has a romance with Astra, the goddess of love.

The strip was created by Steve Dowling, an artist and writer for the Mirror, who worked on many of the strips created for the Mirror in the forties.

The art was by Dowling and John Allard until Dowling retired, after which Allard continued the art solo.

When Allard retired in 1971 the strip was continued by Frank Bellamy.

Prior to his work on Garth, Bellamy is most famous for his work in the UK weekly TV Century 21 where he drew the colour centrespread Thunderbirds strip, based on the Gerry Anderson tv show, from 1966 to 1969.

Bellamy worked on Garth until his untimely death in 1976 when Martin Asbury, another acclaimed UK artist, took over drawing the strip until it's conclusion in 1997.

Asbury also wrote the last seven stories.

On the writing side, the most notable writer of Garth is Peter O'Donnell who worked on Garth from 1953 to 1966. O'Donnell wrote some of the best stories in the series, including The Troll and The Rebels, an alternate Earth story where Garth is up against Adolf Hitler.

Recently the strip has made an online return on the Mirror's website.

This first upload contains several complete stories which have been scanned from the booklets available. They cover all the eras including the first digital story.

Garth In Space is from the Daily Mirror Annual 1970, drawn by the regular artists at the time, Steve Dowling and John Allard, and was scanned and edited by me.

The Gold of Ragnarock is the first story from the new online series. I edited the web pages but there were problems with the file, hence the fixed in the title. Thanks to Slinky who also did a second version.

The Doomsmen and The Beast of Ultor feature the work of Frank Bellamy.

The Captive is from 1957 and is written by Peter O'Donnell, with art by Dowling and Allard.

The Man-Hunt is the last story Frank Bellamy drew, and was finished by Martin Asbury.

Sapphire is by Martin Asbury.

The Story of Garth the Strong is a preview of the first Garth story.

In the paper it was just titled 'Garth', I have used the opening text from promotional material issued by the Mirror for a new title.

I am working on the first story using the scans from the Mirror's records. The upload of that should hopefully be later in the year,and will be followed by all the stories in chronological order.

Just like Garth himself this selection travels through time. If you like time travel, space adventure and great story and art, I hope you find something here to enjoy.
Hopeful you enjoy the stories as much as I did when I read them in my youth.
3 more strips shared by him are available HERE. I'll try to share rest as he'll put online.

  PREVIEW Garth 001 - The Story of Garth the Strong

 Garth - The Captive


 Garth - The Doomsmen

Garth - The Gold of Ragnarock(Fixed)
Saturday, January 16, 2010 by PBC
Hello Tarzan fans!

As promised,  posting not only better and extended version of the daily strips by Robert  Lubbers  (1950-1954), but many more by John Celardo (1953-1968).

Thanks to Emile who downloaded every strip manually, now we can read this version.

The information available at & other sources regarding number of the panels had confused me. Thanks to  Col. Worobu this problem was solved.

00 -  Tarzan King of Duru - 3462 to 3511 (Incomplete)

01 - The Swamp People - 3512 to 357

02 - The Coffee Planter - 3574 to 3633

03 - The Cannibal Village - 3634 to 3689

04 - Gunnar Milo - 3690 to 3757

05 - The Hunter (8-27-51 to 10-15-51) - 3758 to 3800

06 - The Pirates 10-16-51 to 12-22-51 -3801 to 3858

07 - The Loggers 3-17-52 to 5-15-52 - 3931 to 3982

08 - Opar - File name: 3983 to 4056

09 - The Inheritance 8-11-52 to 10-13-52. - 3983 to 4111

10 - The Skull Clan 10-14-52 to 1-16-53 - 4112 to 4174

11 - The Rogue Elephant 1-17-53 to 3-23-53

12 - The Foreign Legion 3-25-53 to 5-21-53

13 - The Foaming Death 5-22-53 to 8-11-53

14 - The Terror of Kraka 8-12-53 to 10-22-53

15 - The Insect Men 10-23-53 to 12-22-53

16 - The Ghost Tribe

17 - The Blood Ruby

18 - Temple of Golconda

19 - The Zomangani

20 - The Austin Twins

21 - The Laver Affair 

22 - The Beasts of Tarzan

23 - The Sleeping Sickness

24 - The Elixir

25 - The Forbidden Mountains

26 - The Native Revolt

27 - Tarzan and the Jungle Boy

28 - Cyclops

29- The Katanga Mine

30 - The strong one 

P.S.: Years 200'x are reprints of the strips released in the 1949/50 and later. These are years 2000 to 2006 (incomplete). Emile is collecting Rest available with this resolution,  he'll share with us in near future.

Earlier version:

Today I had some free time and was able to look at my Tarzan's e-collection. Sharing some old gems.  Think, many friends had missed these. Enjoy! 
According to links provided by Rafiq Raja (check comments of this post), these are works of Robert "Bob" Lubbers (born 10 January 1922).

All credits to unknown fan(s) for scanning.
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