#269. The Phantom - Ghost Who Walks #6 (Moonstone)

Sunday, November 15, 2009 by: PBC

Many friends know that I became father again on 4th Nov 2009. Received lot of letters to show kids.

OK. Meet with my kids. 

I have 9 year old twins, the name of eldest child  (the daughter)  is ASTHA and she is 4 minutes elder to son HARSH.

And now God has gifted us 3rd child, a another lovely daughter. We call her ANNIKA.


A Phantom comics from my e-collection.

Return of The Eastern Dark- Part 2.

Can the Phantom uncover the mystery of The Eastern Dark in time to save Jaime from a horrific death, or will he be too late? One thing is for sure, either way our hero is in for some Pain! Plus, the serialized Phantom prose back-ups continue.

The Phantom - Ghost Who Walks #6

It's GreenGiant-DCP scans.

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