#258. TV Tornado 88

Friday, September 11, 2009 by: PBC

Are you interested in YOGA?

A very good news for yoga fans:

Dr. Krisha Raman has started a YOGA blog: mediyoga-krishna.blogspot.com.

He is a renowned medicine & yoga professional (see his profile HERE), and author of several articles & two bestsellers:

1. A Matter of Health - Integration of Yoga and Western medicine for Prevention and Cure;

2. Yoga & Medical Science : FAQ.

One can ask directly questions through his blog.

His official site: www.krishnaraman.com

P.S. Dr. Raman is the regular & most active visitor since early stage of this blog, now we are VERY VERY GOOD friends.

And now Last softcover TV Tornado #88.

TV Tornado 88 City Magazines (UK)

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