#255. The Phantom - The Ghost Killer (Moonstone)

Wednesday, September 02, 2009 by: PBC

The Ghost Killer is one of the stand-alone editions, and showcases elements of the Phantom which have been successfully adapted to a present-day setting, as well as fundamental elements which remain troublesome.

Successful weapons-dealer, Solomon Bishop, has a problem: The Ghost Who Walks! The Phantom is the only thing stopping a multi-million dollar sale of rifles equipped with "re-positioning" technology. So what's a rich and evil businessman to do? Why, hire an exotic raven-haired killing machine to do your dirty work for you, of course! The dealer hires a female assassin from Spain to kill the Phantom.

The Phantom: The Ghost Killer (2002)




Scanned by Foyle-DCP and uploaded by BENNY31 & MMDSX. All thanks & credits go to them.

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