#253. TV Tornado 59

Saturday, August 22, 2009 by: PBC

Hello Friends!

Today I got this template, it's very special for me. Generally developers don't share their current template, however ANSHUL agreed to share with me. I'm pleasantly shocked. Many many thanks Anshul! I'm in debt.

Anshul is software engineer, currently doing MBA. His site doesn't needs promotion, lot of fans already know him. In very short period he has published lot of tips about blog template development & posted some new generation templates. He is planning to release many more. Please visit www.anshuldudeja.com.

TV Tornado 59 City Magazines (UK)

All credits to unknown Scanner & original Uploader only.

P.S. What you think about this new look? Please share your opinion. If you found any function is not working properly. Don't hesitate to tell.